Influencing Skills

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Influencing Skills

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” (Ken Blanchard)

The focus of this training is on taking a collaborative approach to selling ideas, gaining support for projects, and convincing colleagues on business issues. Working often in matrix system and fluid, project-based environment, participants can learn how to achieve their objectives while keeping in mind relationships and the organization’s long-term interests.

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The process that leads to optimal results follows these steps:

First establish the personal contact
• Create a positive, open and motivating atmosphere
• Build trust – presence and genuine interest
• Establish credibility – I am competent in this topic

Determine what the other party’s interests and needs are
• Using questions effectively to uncover the real needs
• Listening skills to correctly detect the (sometimes hidden) needs and common ground, aim to generate optimal outcomes that maximize benefits for all parties
• Balance of talking and listening, proper pacing to optimize communication

Present your ideas or suggestions convincingly
• Offer benefits and solutions, not features
• Exude a sense of personal connection and belief in what you are offering

Handling objections
• When meeting with resistance, appreciate that it’s part of the process of convincing – objections can be a sign of interest and engagement in the dialogue
• Remain balanced, positive and enthusiastic
• Acknowledge the concerns expressed in an objection – they are usually legitimate and are not as damaging as we sometimes perceive them

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Advantages of Dramatrix’s training approach
Practical training – learning by doing
Focusing on “How to do it”, not just “what to do”
Emphasis on the emotional and intuitive, and non-verbal elements of communication
Individual attention, feedback and video analysis
Achieve a change in behavior, and as a result, improvement in performance, not just gain in knowledge
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