Assertive Communication

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” – Rollo May, psychologist

How can we use our communication skills most effectively to reach our personal and organizational goals? By focusing on interpersonal and emotional factors, building trust among colleagues, we can build strong relationships and attain better results in any situation (telephone, meetings, etc.).

What communication skills will this training establish?

• Finding the balance in using assertive and empathetic energy to build effective “partner” relationships and create a cooperative atmosphere
• Understand how our behavior affects others
• Active listening
• Develop external awareness to read and react to signals (e.g. other people’s behavior).
• Taking initiative in reacting to unexpected situations
• Appeal to people by approaching the issue from their point of view

What are the main steps involved in the training?

• Watch and analyze different business situations improvised by actors to discover the barriers to communication, and positive attitudes / skills that lead to the desired results.
• Learn communication skills to develop the right atmosphere, partner relationship, and the free flow of ideas.
• Practise simulated role-plays that help apply the concepts and skills.