Creativity and Problem Solving

″No organisation can lean on geniuses, because there are few of them and they are irresponsible. The test of an organisation’s power is to see if it can unleash more from an average human being than he thought himself capable of. The aim of an organisation is to make average people capable of achieving outstanding results.″ (Peter Drucker, acclaimed management consultant)

The point of this training is that creativity is not about genius or even originality, but effective solutions to actual problems. The key is in understanding what inhibits or impedes us in finding the optimal solution.

You are creative. It’s not about talent or uniqueness, but seeing the possibilities in the given parameters. Sometimes it’s right in front of your eyes, waiting to be discovered.

Free yourself from anxiety. It is often self-imposed limitations and fear of failure that impedes us in seeing the best ideas. A series of games demonstrates how much easier the ideas flow when we are free from self-censure. On the other hand, making mistakes is okay – it’s a healthy part of the learning process.

Problem identification. Dealing with too many problems at once ot an ill-defined problem makes managing it much more difficult. The creative approach is to define the problem and potential approaches, and then experiment freely.

Group Mind. Individual’s ideas are limited by their knowledge, experience, etc. Groups that work together well can create hybrid results that none of the individual members would have arrived at. Learning how to inspire and trust each other enables greater achievement.

Brainstorming. More ideas is better. Don’t shoot ideas down – reserve criticism for later phases. Mix and match ideas for innovative solutions.

This traing is a 100% practical approach which develops the attitude and behavior that leads to creative outcomes.