Specially Tailored Workshop

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Specially Tailored Workshop

DRAMATRIX has designed specially themed workshops tailored to specific company communication needs. Usually improvisational theatre techniques, key themes can be introduced, illustrated and offer an inspiring forum for discussion.

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This approach brings the topic to life, helps generate interest, and eases acceptance of organizational change. These workshops offer a flexible in scope and time frame, working with small and large groups alike.

Some example topics:

A very common need in organizations is to improve teamwork and commitment. Storytelling is an excellent technique, allowing a creative and engaging approach to establishing team goals.

Fun activity / Management retreat
Spending quality time away from the workplace can increase engagement and loyalty, even productivity. Getting to know each other, having a common experience, playing and being creative together all help enhance team spirit.

Introducing new corporate standards is facilitated with a more open dialogue. Playing out scenes aids illustration of key points. This helps achieve buy-in and commitment to implementation.
E.g.: Diversity and tolerance, Social media etiquette, Environment-Health-Safety regulations, Corporate Ethos

Team Identity
Newly formed teams need time to gel but an interactive, cooperative workshop expedites the process. Getting to know each other, working together on a fun and challenging project – for example, making a short film – team members gain insight into themselves and their colleagues.

Company culture development
A deeper understanding of corporate values, and how these create value for all stakeholders, increases engagement of workers. Various techniques are used to achieve this goal.

Improv challenge
To give your team a real challenge, try the Improv Olympix. Working in small teams, a variety of improve games provide colleagues the opportunity to show spontaneity, trust, openness and energy. Those who are less inclined to perform can serve as judges or audience, but this event guarantees a memorable evening for all.

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Advantages of Dramatrix’s training approach
Practical training – learning by doing
Focusing on “How to do it”, not just “what to do”
Emphasis on the emotional and intuitive, and non-verbal elements of communication
Individual attention, feedback and video analysis
Achieve a change in behavior, and as a result, improvement in performance, not just gain in knowledge
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